Nikon D3300 vs Canon T5i Camparison: Which One Should You Buy?

This article features a comparison between two of the most popular entry-level DSLR cameras at the moment (2018), the Nikon D3300 and the Canon T5i. Find out how the Nikon D3300 vs. Canon T5i comparison pans out before you make your choice.

Nikon D3300 vs Canon T5i Comparison Review

Nikon D3300 vs Canon T5i

The size

The size of a camera is extremely important primarily because you will be moving around with your camera. The Nikon D3300 is noticeably smaller than the T5i. The body of the Nikon device is 2 mm shorter, 3 mm thinner, and 9 mm narrower compared to the Canon device.

The weight

Weight is another factor that leaves a great impact on the portability of a camera. Considering this factor becomes even more important if you have plans of carrying the camera with you all through the day. The D3300 weighs 430 grams, while the T5i has a body weight of 580 grams. This makes the Nikon unit 150 grams lighter than the Canon unit.

The sensor

The Canon T5i comes equipped with an APS-C CMOS sensor of 18 MP along with a Digic 5 processor. The Nikon creation, on the other hand, features a 24 MP APS-C CMOS sensor; this device runs on an Expeed 4 processor. The sizes of the sensors of T5i and D3300 are respectively 22.3×14.9 mm and 23.5×15.6 mm.

The above data reveals that the sensor of the Nikon creation offers an extra 6 MP compared to that of the Canon creation. This allows the user to crop images captured using the T5i more freely; in addition, the additional megapixels will allow you to take larger printouts of those images.

The other thing that separates the sensors of the two cameras is that the sensor of the D3300 doesn’t feature the anti-alias filter. It’s true that as a result of not having the anti-alias feature, the Nikon device is capable of capturing more detailed, sharper images. However, not having the feature also increases the chances of getting moiré patterns on images of certain scenes.

Available lenses

You should never forget to check the number of lenses available when buying a camera with interchangeable lenses. The number of lenses offered with the Canon t5i is slightly more than the number of lenses offered with the D3300 from the house of Nikon; the former offers 283 lenses, while the latter comes with 274 lenses. So, in this department, the Canon device scores slightly more than Nikon.

Another factor you must always consider when buying cameras are the presence of the feature called image stabilization. Neither of the two cameras we are comparing here comes with a sensor that allows image stabilization. So, the user (irrespective of the model he or she chooses) would need to purchase lenses boasting the ability to offer optical stabilization. Right now, the market has a total of 89 such lenses for the Canon unit’s mount; the number of lenses available for the mount of the Nikon camera, on the other hand, is 86.

The price

The Nikon D3300 is significantly cheaper than the Canon T5i nit. The price difference between the two ranges between $50 and $100.

So which one should you buy?

If you are looking for a camera that is cheaper and can be a great companion during walking trails, go for the Nikon D3300. If you want more versatility and anti-alias feature, go for the Canon T5i.