Nikon D3300 Accessories

Nikon D3300 Accessories

Nikon D3300 is an excellent entry-level digital camera. The model comes with many advanced features, a small compact design, a lightweight easy-to-carry body, reasonable price tag and a powerful 24.2 MP sensor. Using the right Nikon D3300 accessories combined with these features will make your photos look more professional and your life easier.

Best Nikon D3300 Accessories

best nikon d3300 accessoriesNikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus4.8$176.95
ALTLexar Professional 1000x 64GB SDXC4.3$46.98
nikon d3300 replacement batteryPowerextra Replacement Battery and Charger4.7$28.99
nikon d3300 external flashNeewer TT560 Flash Speedlite4.2$31.99
nikon d3300 tripodDolica A 62-Inch Proline Tripod4.3$49.99
nikon d3300 reflectorsNeewer 43-inch / 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag4.7$19.99
nikon d3300 external microphoneTAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone 4.0$29.99
nikon d3300 wireless shutterPixel RW-221 DC2 Wireless Remote Shutter Release 4.0$17.98
nikon d3300 cleaning kitAltura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit4.7$21.99

Nikon D3300 Accessories Review

1. Nikon 50mm AF-S NIKKOR FX f/1.8G Prime Lens

nikon d3300 prime lens accessory

Whether you already have the lenses that come with the D3300 bundle (18-55mm and/or 55-200mm or 55-300mm) it’s always a good idea to have a prime lens in your arsenal. For shorter distance shots like portraits or while traveling, this is the perfect lenses. The other zoom lenses can help you with a subject a little further away. The 50mm AF-S NIKKOR FX f/1.8g is the perfect companion for your zoom lens as it not zoomable but the image quality is superior when used under the right conditions.

2. A Memory Card

lexar professional 64gb memory card

A good memory card with great storage capacity will be another essential accessory for your Nikon D3300 camera. You may often miss the opportunities of shooting incredible images if the storage space of your memory card is full. Therefore, you should consider buying a powerful memory card (like SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s or Lexar Professional 64GB) that can help you capturing images or shooting videos without any significant delay. Before purchasing a memory card, don’t forget to take a note of two important factors, the storage capacity of your memory card and the speed of storage.

3. A Replacement Battery and Charger

nikon d3300 battery replacement and charger

Whether you’re a seasonal photography enthusiast or you are a professional photographer, make sure to carry a pair of extra batteries that will allow you continuous shooting. Plus, buying an extra replacement battery will be your smart investment. An extra battery for your Nikon camera D3300 (i.e. Nikon EN-EL 14A Battery) is even good if you’re into videography as it will double up your recording time. Also, for an uninterrupted and prolonged shooting mode, carry a travel charger that features different types of plugging options including both AC and DC.

4. A Speedlight Flash

nikon d3300 external flash

An external flash will enhance the capability of the default inbuilt flashlight of Nikon D3300 DSLR. This camera is compatible with a vast range of powerful external flashlights. Some advanced flashlights even feature a bounce card and built-in diffuser for a better illumination. Thus, if you are using your DSLR at night or in low-light ambiance, then purchasing an external flash will be a meaningful decision. If you are looking forward to buying the best flashlight that renders an optimum illumination, then you can consider purchasing Neewer TT560 Speedlight Flash. This flashlight comes with a plenty of advanced features and it’s compatible with Nikon D3300.

5. Tripods

dolica proline tripod for nikon d3300

A sturdy tripod is a must-have accessory for any photographer. This important piece of equipment helps you to take clear and steady images. It carries all the weight of your camera so that you can peacefully concentrate on capturing rare, unforeseen, and unique images. Note, while you are purchasing a tripod for your camera, make sure that the tripod is made of carbon fiber. The tripods that are constructed with carbon fiber features relatively lesser weight. Dolica AX620 62″ Tripod & Ball Head is a perfect tripod for Nikon D3300. This tripod comes with an affordable price tag and supports the maximum weight of 13.2lbs. The maximum height of this tripod can be 62 inches. However, if you are looking for an advanced tripod that can be used at various height variations, then you should opt for a different product.

6. Disc Light Reflectors

Disc Light Reflectors for nikon d3300

Capturing an image without adequate lighting is an integral part of modern photography. Starting from professional photographers to amateurs, manipulating ambient lighting can help you take beautiful pictures. A Disc Reflector eliminates stray light without changing or focusing the light characteristics. Many photographers use this disc reflectors as an umbrella in order to keep light from spilling off. Furthermore, disc reflectors feature a lightweight and compact designing that makes it ideal for carrying in an on-location photo shoot. You can purchase Neewer 5-in-1 Collapsible Light Reflector for your Nikon D3300. It features five most popular color modes including black, silver, white, gold, and translucent. It’s perfect for both outdoor and studio photography.

7. An external Microphone

nikon d3300 external microphone

An external mic is another important accessory of Nikon D3300. An external mic will help you capturing cleaner sounds of the ambiance, by reducing or filtering out unwanted noise effects. If you are interested in making video shots with your Nikon DSLR, purchasing an external microphone will be quite apt for you.

8. A Wireless Shutter Remote

pixel rw wireless remote shutter for nikon d3300

During night photography, stop motion, fireworks, or any types of photo shooting where you are required to use longer shutter speeds or you can’t continuously press the shutter button, you should use a wireless remote control. A wireless remote will make your job easier and allow you to take more accurate and precise photographs with long exposures. Pixel RW-221 Wireless Shutter Remote is one of the best Nikon D3300 accessories that features a smooth and seamless wireless remote control.

9. Cleaning Accessories

camera cleaning kit nikon d3300

It is extremely important to keep your DSLR and lenses clean in order to take sharp, crisp, and flawless images. For this purpose, you can purchase Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit that is compatible with Nikon DSLR Cameras.

The Bottom Line

With this, you have now revealed the complete buying guide of nine top-notch Nikon D3300 Accessories that will certainly help you flaunting a truly outstanding photography skill.


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